Don't Worry - Worship .... Origins of a New Song

Hey Everybody!

I posted a new a couple new songs on the website today:  Southbound Queen, and Don't Worry Worship - which turns out to be a Southern Blues Rock Gospel song!  The history behind this song goes like this:

Michael & Richard Now Posting Original Music

Greetings to All ... As we are no longer able to perform live due to the CRAZY COVID-19 situation, we have adjusted the website a bit to reflect our individual projects.  We hope to be posting some videos and facebook…


It's October!

Ok - the Mi-Si sound-hole pick-up is now set up to use in both my Yairi dreadnaught and the 000 Wells-Freeman ... sounding great.  I will be using both guitars at the upcoming October gigs, along with a Weber Mandola…


Sound-hole Pickups

Good Day,

I am currently using a Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker sound-hole pickup in my Wells-Freeman-000 and my '76 Alvarez-Yairi - I really like the sound.  The problem, such as it is, is that the Fishman wiring approach does NOT…