Back in the Saddle Again

Hey all ... we are vaccinated and back out on the street!  Playing this coming week at Zamboni's out at Chilled Ponds skating in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, VA ... check out our schedule page for details!

Don't Worry - Worship .... Origins of a New Song

Hey Everybody!

I posted a new a couple new songs on the website today:  Southbound Queen, and Don't Worry Worship - which turns out to be a Southern Blues Rock Gospel song!  The history behind this song goes like this:

Michael & Richard Now Posting Original Music

Greetings to All ... As we are no longer able to perform live due to the CRAZY COVID-19 situation, we have adjusted the website a bit to reflect our individual projects.  We hope to be posting some videos and facebook…


It's October!

Ok - the Mi-Si sound-hole pick-up is now set up to use in both my Yairi dreadnaught and the 000 Wells-Freeman ... sounding great.  I will be using both guitars at the upcoming October gigs, along with a Weber Mandola…


Sound-hole Pickups

Good Day,

I am currently using a Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker sound-hole pickup in my Wells-Freeman-000 and my '76 Alvarez-Yairi - I really like the sound.  The problem, such as it is, is that the Fishman wiring approach does NOT…